Zen Mind




Zen Master Ma-Tsu (馬祖道): Why have you come here ?

Pupil: To seek Buddha.

Ma-Tsu (laughing): Why are you ignoring your own treasure-house and walking around outside looking for it ?

Pupil: What is my own treasure-house ?

Ma-Tsu: That which is asking the question is your own treasure-house.


...later (in the kitchen)


Ma-Tsu: What are you doing ?

Pupil: Tending an Ox.

Ma-Tsu: How ?

Pupil: I watch him. When he tries to enter the grass I grab his nostrils and pull him away.

Ma-Tsu: Good.


Pupil practices for many rebirths. One thousand years later, in Tibet:


Pupil: What is the meaning of Om Mani Padme Hum ?

Lama: Who is it that asks ?