New MP3 Audio Talks by spritual master Barry Long


Barry Long teaches in a unique style using linguistic terms which are sometimes different to traditional eastern translations. However, if you can put semantic differences to one side, you will see that the core teaching is the same. For example he will use the word 'life' to mean the reality creating the world and the individual person and the word 'self' to mean the mind and body of what we ordinarily conceive as an individual person.


The Truth of Self


The Light Of Self Knowledge


Start Meditating NOW


Seeing Through Death




Beyond Feelings


Divine Warrior


Everybodys spiritual showdown.mp3


God and Reincarnation


Loving the Unnameable


Me - the Void of Absence


No Choice No Unhappiness


Now The Secret of Infinity


The Secret of Infinity


The Hell of Self Judgment


Barry Long was born and raised in Australia and had little formal education. In his twenties he became editor of a Sydney Sunday newspaper and later press secretary in the New South Wales Parliament.

In his early thirties he began to experience disillusionment with his material life and in 1964 he abandoned everything to go to India. There he experienced a spiritual crisis culminating in a self-ascribed "mystic death," which he called his "realisation of immortality," followed four years later by a "transcendental realisation"; a contact with a depth of consciousness from which he stated his knowledge of universal reality ultimately derived.

Aftewr leaving India, Barry Long moved to London, living in Highgate and working as a sub-editor in Fleet Street until he was able to support himself from teaching and publishing.


Eckhart Tolle was in England at that time and attended a number of Barry Long's talks. They had both experienced a similar awakening experience prior to following a specific religious practice.


In 1986 he returned to his native Australia living on Tamborine Mountain. He finally moved to Crabbes Creek, New South Wales.


Barry Long has published many best selling books which are still in print such as "Making Love", "Only Fear Dies" and "Knowing Yourself".